Anti-Fraud Tips

Anti-Fraud Tips

On Receipt of Suspicious Calls, Emails or SMS Messages

  • Calls with “+852”: Beware of caller numbers with a “+” sign as a prefix displayed on mobile phones, which indicates that the calls originate from a place outside Hong Kong. If an unfamiliar call with the prefix “+852” is received, the caller should have masqueraded as a local caller;
  • Verify authenticity: Even if a stranger possesses your personal data, such as your full name, HKID card number or date of birth, be wary of the true identity of the stranger. Contact the relevant organisations to verify the authenticity of the caller;
  • Be vigilant: Do not disclose any personal data, including HKID card number, bank account number and password, and credit card information etc., to others arbitrarily; and
  • Be careful with links: Avoid opening attachments or clicking links in suspicious emails or SMS messages.

Use of Online Personal Accounts

  • Keep an eye on your accounts: Monitor transactions in online personal accounts from time to time and watch out for any unusual log-in records of the accounts and personal emails; and
  • Password protection: Change the passwords of online personal accounts from time to time and activate the two-factor authentication feature (if any).

Keeping Abreast of the Latest News

  • Fraud prevention information: Pay attention to fraud prevention messages by the Police or relevant organisations to avoid phishing websites or fraudulent calls; and
  • Reminding friends and relatives: Share information relating to fraudulent cases with friends and relatives (especially the elderlies and youngsters) to enhance their awareness to guard against fraud.