12 Jul 2022

LME Asia Metals Seminar 2022

Tiger Shi, CEO of BANDS Financial, will join Matthew Chamberlain, CEO of the LME, for a Fireside Chat on 12 July to discuss key issues facing the global metals community today, such as how the global commodities industry will fare amid ongoing pandemic-induced disruptions, increased market volatility and geopolitical tensions.
4 Apr 2022

Day drinking, 'Big Shot' and billions of dollars: How the nickel market imploded

"The LME was ill-informed as to the size of the positions in the market, and they didn't know it was all concentrated in one hand," said Browning. "The LME didn't know that there was one company sitting on the other side of this with a 150,000-ton short."
17 Mar 2022

Nickel crisis won't have 'contagion effect' on trading of other base metals: Financial services firm

John Browning of BANDS Financial discusses the London Metal Exchange's suspension of nickel trading and says it has created a "crisis of confidence" around it.
14 Dec 2021

INE & SMM Copper Webinar: Trading Opportunities & Future Outlook

John Browning, Managing Director of BANDS Financial, will explain how international investors can trade Chinese commodity futures in a webinar hosted by the Shanghai International Energy Exchange (INE) and Shanghai Metals Market (SMM). Join us at 16:00 (China, 08:00 UK) to learn more about the opportunities and outlook of the Chinese and international coper markets in 2021.
12 Oct 2021

Announcement of the Operational Implementation of our Overseas Special Brokerage Participant (OSBP) Membership of the INE

BANDS Financial is pleased to announce the operational implementation of its Overseas Special Brokerage Participant (OSBP) membership of the Shanghai International Energy Exchange (INE). In doing so, BANDS Financial is the first foreign authorised futures broker to trade directly within a mainland futures exchange for its overseas clients.
16 Sep 2021

BI Briefing: Metals & Mining: China, Change, Challenge and Opportunity

China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology is exploring a steel output limit mechanism to control carbon emissions, pollution and energy consumption. Meanwhile, China's State Reserve Bureau has announced plans to release reserves of key metals to cool down the market.
Join Bloomberg Intelligence, BANDS Financial and a panel of industry experts for a webinar, as they discuss how these new policies will impact the metals market and share their short- and long-term outlooks.
8-9 Sep 2021

FOW Asia - Commodities: An Inflation Hedge Amid Decarbonization?

Returning on 8-9 September 2021, FOW Asia is the premier event allowing you to gain insights into derivatives trading and investment in the Asia Pacific region. Join John Browning, managing director of BANDS Financial, on 8 September for a panel discussion on commodities, their price drivers and their role as investment tools in an inflationary environment amidst a global drive to reduce carbon emissions. Watch the recording below.
7 Sep 2021

Announcement: TT Completes Functionality for Chinese Futures Exchanges

TT has completed the development of their Autospreader and implemented the open/close tag functionality required for trading Chinese commodity futures. This makes TT the first trading platform outside of China to offer this feature and will allow their international user base to trade Chinese futures contracts such as crude oil, bonded copper and iron ore.
21 Jun 2021

China launches crude oil options open to foreign traders

China's first energy options open to foreign traders made their Shanghai International EnergyExchange (INE) debut on Monday with the new crude oil contract achieving only muted volumes. "I do see keen market interest," said Tiger Shi, managing director of broker Bands Financial, pointing to potential arbitrage opportunities between exchanges.
15 Apr 2021

Webinar: Copper Market Update - Tracing the Global Economic Recovery Path and the Impact of Policy Change

BANDS Financial, Horizon Insights and the London Metal Exchange are coming together to provide a webinar on copper market dynamics for Chinese and international markets. We'll be discussing what's driving copper prices, the global economic recovery path and the impact of policy change on copper - as well as how international clients are accessing Chinese markets.
18 Mar 2021

China’s markets are shaking off their casino reputation

In a world where internet memes can explain market swings, China is second to none. Early in March, with mainland equities down by 15% in two weeks—their steepest fall in years—a video circulated on Weibo, a microblogging site, of a sheep stuck in a fence on a hill and a hiker climbing up to free it. The description of the video, in its meme incarnation, was “the national team comes to rescue me”. The national team is shorthand for big state firms that are believed to stabilise the market by buying shares when they plunge.
3 Mar 2021

Webinar: Trading the Chinese Commodity Markets, What, Why and How

Many investors are interested in arbitrage strategies combining the mainland commodity markets in Shanghai (INE), Dalian (DCE) and Zhengzhou (ZCE) with the SGX and other international marketplaces etc. Have you been looking at trading China, but have more questions than answers? Please join SGX and BANDS Financial for a webinar to discuss the What, Why and How.
27 Nov 2020

“Things have changed” in China – broker

China’s latest move to open up to foreign firms, the introduction of international copper and reports of a deal to deliver Chinese fuel oil in Singapore suggest “things have changed” in the world’s second largest economy, a Chinese based broker has said. John Browning, managing director of BANDS Financial, a broker based in Hong Kong, said in a note on Friday that China’s gradual process of opening up to the international trading and commodities community has stepped up in recent weeks.
23 Nov 2020

China's INE contract launch kicks off new era for global copper trade

After much anticipation and debate, the International Energy Exchange's bonded copper futures contract launched on Thursday November 19 to some fanfare and respectable volume. A total of 8,344 lots traded on the INE's 'BC' contract on Thursday, following up with another 4,893 on Friday, the majority for delivery in March.
19 Nov 2020

Shanghai copper set to be Asian benchmark - broker

Bands Financial, a commodity and financial futures broker based in Hong Kong, says it has seen huge interest in the Shanghai International Energy Exchange’s international copper futures contract on the first day of trading. “Interest in the contract has been huge. China is the largest consumer of copper, and access to the domestic Chinese copper market is in a sense access to the Chinese dynamic,” managing director John Browning told Global Investor after the close in Shanghai.
19 Nov 2020

China's new international copper futures slip on debut

China’s much anticipated bonded copper futures, which are open to overseas investors, fell more than 1% on their debut on Thursday, with trading volumes only reaching one-ninth those of the country’s established domestic copper contract.
18 Nov 2020

China aims for more sway over copper prices with futures launch

Shanghai is launching a challenge to London’s dominance in metals trading by issuing a new futures contract for copper that analysts say has the potential to become a global benchmark.
17 Nov 2020

China will roll out new copper futures in a bid to boost yuan adoption, pricing power

China will roll out a new copper futures contract this week that will be open to foreign traders, in a push to boost yuan adoption and wrest some pricing power away from the established industry benchmark in London.
17 Nov 2020

China's new copper futures add another card to global yuan deck

China will roll out a new copper futures contract this week that will be open to foreign traders, in a push to boost yuan adoption and wrest some pricing power away from the established industry benchmark in London.
16 Nov 2020

China Wants a Made-in-China Copper Price

The country’s latest international futures contract has timing and structure on its side. China’s next move to open up its commodities markets may be a step change.
5 Nov 2020

BANDS & INE Bonded Copper Webinar

In preparation for the launch of the new contract, the INE and BANDS Financial hosted a joint webinar in English specifically to deliver everything you need to know about how to access and trade Shanghai INE Bonded Copper. The presentation is aimed at those western traders who are interested in the opportunity to trade inside China, perhaps for the first time.
1 Apr 2020

Risk-hedging Chinese investors push commodities markets to record high trades

Trading activity on China’s commodities markets is skyrocketing as investors increasingly hedge risks, pushing open interest and trading volumes in the futures markets to record and multi-year highs in March following the coronavirus outbreak and volatile global commodity prices.
26 Feb 2019

China's Dalian exchange to allow foreign individuals to trade iron ore futures

China’s Dalian Commodity Exchange said on Tuesday it would allow individual foreign investors to trade iron ore futures on the bourse starting from Wednesday, widening access to the market in the world’s biggest consumer of the steelmaking raw material.
9 May 2017

Broker BANDS eyes China crude, iron ore potential

Hong Kong broker BANDS Financial is eyeing opportunities in iron ore and crude oil markets even as the outlook for base metals appears subdued for the rest of 2017, its senior executives said.
16 May 2016

Bands Financial sees opportunities as Chinese investors enter the futures market

Hong Kong-based brokerage firm Bands Financial, set up by John Browning and Tiger Shi, is on track to open its Shanghai office in the third quarter of 2016 as it sees tremendous interest in world markets from the mainland.